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Tips and tricks about Billiards

Enjoying your pool as long as possible

  • How to put the chalk on your cue tip
  • There is a very small friction and contact between the cue tip and the ball, which requires a coat of chalk on the cue tip. To coat your cue tip, it is important not to turn the chalk himself. You start from the center of the cue tip, than spread the chalk towards the outside , you must spread it uniformly so that the edges are well "lubricated".

  • Change your cue tip (if cue tip is fixed with glue)
  • Essential elements: a cutter, glue super adhesive, a small piece of sandpaper and of course, a new cue tip.
    • 1/ Using the cutter, cut the cue tip at its base but be careful that you don’t touch the ferule.
    • 2/ Scratch the top of the ferule to remove all spots of glue with sandpaper (keep it vertical).
    • 3/ Apply adhesive to the new cue tip (side dish) and press it onto the ferule. Let it dry.
    • 4/ Trim the edges softly with sandpaper.

  • Cleaning your cue
  • essential elements: a soft cloth, sandpaper or a scratch pad. There may be several reasons why your shaft doesn’t slip:
    • - If it has retained its original varnish, you can eliminate it with a fine sandpaper.
    • - If the shaft ‘hangs’ during playing, this may come from your sweat or dirt that has settled. Wipe your shaft with a towel. If the shaft is too dirty, clean it with a cloth soaked in warm water, also using the dry scratch pad is a good way to bring back the shaft to its original state.


    To preserve the original color of the cloth, we recommend you to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or the moon. You can also protect it with a cover.

    To remove talc, dust or chalk of the cloth, simply brush it with the brush two layers of hair that came with the pool, and that is designed to go under the cushions. You can use your vacuum cleaner with its brush tip, if your vacuum is equipped with a variable air pressure, set it to a minimum.

    The wooden parts you can keep clean with a soft cloth moistened in a pre-care product for furniture polish.

    TWO GOLDEN RULES to observe around the billiard table

    / DO NOT SMOKE above the playing surface.
    / DO NOT PUT YOUR CONSUMPTIONS on the sides-cushions.

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